mirror maze and mini golf gatlinburg


The Mirror Maze was super fun and they played great music throughout the experience. It definitely messes with your mind as it’s hard to tell what’s a reflection and what’s a mirror. They give you gloves to put on, so it feels safe to touch the mirrors. We were in the maze for a good half hour and got completely lost, which was a lot of fun. I’m 44 years old and had a great time. It is also appropriate for young kids (accompanied by a parent), teens, couples, friends, solos, etc. I found the price to be reasonable, and you can pair it with mini-golf for about a dollar or two more.


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We did the package deal for mirror maze and putt putt. The decor and attractions were great. We were the only ones in putt putt so the course wasn’t crowded. It glowed in the dark. The mirror maze was super fun! Would do again.

Angel T

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Circus Golf is our favorite, it’s artistic, creative and fun!

Phil C.

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My kids loved this place! They had a blast with all the circus themed holes and, to top it off, it was done in fluorescent paint and had black lights all through it. Then, if you put on the 3D glasses, it really made it fun to walk around and play putt-putt. The mirror maze was fun. No body got hurt but there were several times we had to turn around because the kids got us stuck. Overall a great time at a great price.

Kris N.

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Was very fun and worth it. It’s an indoor golf course and it is great. Will definitely comeback again.

Devesh B.

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If you’re looking for fun, not-so-expensive things to do in Gatlinburg this is a good one. Both the mini golf and mirror maze was a lot of fun. The golf course was much bigger than I thought. Can’t beat it for $10 each person! The mirror maze is also a lot of fun but if you’re doing just one activity, I recommend the mini golf. We had a blast in there! I recommend this place for any age, adults and children.

Beatle B

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So much fun! Had a blast going through the mirror maze and mini golf with the kids.

Faine T.

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This place is so much fun. I absolutely loved it. You can go through the mirror maze as many times as you want. The neon, circus themed putt putt course was very cool!!

Mary K.

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The Amazing Mirror Maze is the best and I love the LED lights and dance music, it makes me dance every single time. My family loves Circus Golf, it’s always fun!

Alex Stokes

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I have to say that this was one of the most enjoyable things we did all weekend.

Rick Davis

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